HR Giger Inspired Custom Daemon Herald of Slaanesh or Tzeentch

Greetings fellow Wargamers!  Today I present to you an extra special treat.  This custom daemon herald was a perfect storm of bits that just happened to align at the right time.

About a year ago, a client requested a custom Kali inspired daemon prince.  In order to get plenty of arms for this she goddess, I needed some extra arms.  That also means we had a leftover torso.  And what better thing to do with a leftover torso than transfigure it!

 I liked the feminine look of the figure.  It reminded me of the Slaanesh range.  But the script wrapped around her body also reminded me of the Tzeentch range of daemons, like the Blue Scribe!  What to do  . . .can I have my cake and eat it too?  

The answer was to take the best of both worlds.  I selected multiple arms, a trait generally geared toward Slaanesh, but head tentacles, which is generally geared toward Tzeentch.

 For a color scheme, we selected something neutral that would work for either scheme.  We even applied a little OSL to a few areas like the base, and the gland on the head (taken from the Genestealer bits sprue).

 This is just one example of the types of figures we create at White Metal Games.   Be sure to explore our gallery for other custom transfigurations.

 Also, if you like this particular figure, it is currently available through our ebay store!

 White Metal Games offers a variety of painting and assembly services.  Be sure to check us out here!  

 And until then, just check out that ass above . . . I mean . .


Caleb, WMG