Deathwatch Reimagined


A potential client recently asked me how I would build a Deathwatch Army.  I had a LOT to say about it.  


What interests me with Deathwatch is an entire chapter of marines, all drawn from different chapters, but each are the finest warriors their chapter has to offer. So we’re talking the BEST of the BEST in the Imperium, all together under one banner.

From a modeling standpoint, this is a chance to show character on each individual model. In the above picture we see an Ultrarmarine, to his left a Dark Angel with hood and such, and to his right a space wolf helmet on his deathwatch brother.

At the $2500 range, I’m envisioning the entire chapter being made up from Veteran Kits, such as Tyrannic War Veterans, Dark Angels Veterans, Space Marine Veterns (marks I and II), Vanguard Veterans, some Sternguard, and then throw in bits from every other range of marines, such as Blood Angels, Iron Hands, Ravenwing, etc. With the rules for Allies and Formations, you could have a Commander riding a thunderwolf, or Blood Angels Sanguinary guard serving as Jump Infantry, Ravenwing bikers, etc. Finding what each chapter is known for so well, and building the deathwatch chapter around these ideas.

At the $3000 range, we could add extra vehicles. Imagine an inducted Stormwolf or Baal Predator, a Furioso Dreadnought, or a Nephilim jetfighter serving in the Death Watch ranks. Maybe even an Imperial Knight with a big shoulder pad from their previous chapter of origin. Perhaps Salamanders At that scale, I could use some spare dragon bits from the fantasy range to make it look like this knight was a drake hunter!

In the $3500-$4000 range, I think working in the Inquisition would also be a good idea. Since the deathwatch is the militant chamber of the Order Xenos, why not adding an Inqusitior of a highly individual nature, and then adding in some Astram Militarum regiments as well, done up in the traditional reds of the Inquisition. Really this special is all about helping the client design their dream army around a central theme and then taking that theme as far as possible


Kit bashing projects like these are quickly becoming my FAVORITE thing to do as a hobbyist!

If you are interested in commissioning a project though White Metal Games, email me at [email protected]

And until then . . .  .