Chaos Khorne Lord of Skulls kit bash . . . behold the Deathknight! By White Metal Games

Greetings fellow wargamers! 

Since the release of the Khorne Lord of Skulls about a week ago, the internet has been a buzz with conversion gossip.  The kit is just ripe for kit bashing, and like most enthusiasts out there I couldn’t wait to get it on my workbench. 

In expectation of the release, MBG over at Spikey Bits released this article.  The Dreamforge leviathan has a nice look, but sadly it won’t be released in 15mm scale for a few more months.  And I wasn’t willing to wait.

The Khorne kit bash, that we dubbed the ‘Deathknight’ stands just a smidge taller than the Wraithknight, and would defiantly put the eldar in it’s place in a one on one.   The legs are from an Iron Monger toy from Iron Man movie a few years ago.  They had the right shape, feel, and bulk to really sell this conversion. 
 While I do think I could add a few more Khorne icons onto the legs, I just haven’t found anything in my bits box that is screaming to me right now as being right for this model.  Not to worry, I can always glue them on later. 

We also came across a pretty decent sized base for the model in our base box.   This particular base is hard plastic, black, and beveled/convex.  Perfect!  It will be include with the model when sold (see below). 

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Caleb, WMG