Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promo Codes for the White Metal Games Store! (OMG HAX!)

Greetings, Battlebrothers.

Ogors totally worship my cat. This pleases her. -EW

Now Mr. WinterRose, Your Noobness here will be the first to tell you he doesn’t like being advertised at. It’s something I keep out of my blog posts to a large degree. But I write and podcast for a gaming store and commission gaming paint service. And as much as I’d like to go full-time geek and write to my heart’s content about gaming all the time, I got hungry kitties with expensive tastes in cat food, so let’s do this thing.

We, like most places that sell stuff online, are doing our own Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the things we make, and the things we sell in the store. You’re going to want to have a look on our White Metal Games store page and see the kinds of things you want there. Cos the codes you’re going to want to use for Black Friday (11-29-19) and Cyber Monday (12-02-19) are:

In the caption, here are those codes again for the purposes of cutting and pasting: BLACKFRIDAYWMG and CYBERMONDAYWMG.

And because we are gamers with an appreciation for making the rules work for us, let’s make a clarification. This isn’t gonna stack. Say you get a 10% off deal by entering ye code up there. And you buy a membership that gives you ANOTHER 10% off something in the WMG store. Does that mean the 10% off you got on that membership level in your cart stack with the 10% off you got with the promo code above on your final purchase price for that membership?

Oh yeah… this is never a good sign.

Well, I’m a player, not a GM. I don’t rulemonger cos no-one likes a rulemonger. In the shopping sense, a rulemonger translates as an ‘extreme coupon-er‘. And if any of you have been on the cash-register end of a conversation with a ‘Karen‘… in full possession of a spring-colored, daisy-patterned nylon coupon pouch and a ‘let me speak to your manager‘ hairstyle? Someone looking to game a $600.00 gift purchase down to 30 bucks on December 20th? We all know how much that person sucks. This is what I mean when I say no-one likes a rulemonger.

I did not say this. I was not here.

So your noobness is gonna say no. In the above example, until you’ve paid for the membership, the only discount that applies is the 10% Promo code cos you don’t actually HAVE the other one yet. That’s the example I’m working with right now and fading, Homer-Simpson-like into the bushes.

This here post is to let you know the White Metal Games discount codes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We hope you’ll use em to get yourself something nice, or something nice for the people you care for. Or better still something they can use to create something really noteworthy, and rule the tabletop with some professional quality painted shock and awe. And we can do that for ya without all the requisite smells of pumpkin spice and gingerbread. (Mini-paint smells better anyway.) Without some oppressive tinkly variation on the same christmas carols you were good and tired of by the age of 6…. (Or was that just me?) Without the ‘REALLY-EXCITED, CAFFEINE AND MDMA-INJECTED. “WE’RE CELEBRATING THE HOLIDAYS!!“‘ TV commercial 6 times in a 60 minute broadcast block voice. No jingle bells, no carol of the bells, no bells and whistles at all really. None of that holiday hokum and hoo-hah coming out of your monitor at you with the pounds per square inch of an out of control fire hose.

Yeah, Your Noobness has issues with holiday advertising. I am the Grinch when it comes to this.. THE CHUCK JONES AND KARLOFF ONE, THANK YOU! I am not entirely tasteless.

But I do hope you find something you’d like in our store and get a good deal on it. In that, you have your noobness’ good will and well-wishings for a great month to come. I’ll leave you with an image of dis holiday gobbo. Cos he’s on topic, and dammit, he’s adorable. (I did mention I had issues. Or at the very least, a warped sense of humor. Warped like The Warp, that is. ^_^)

Awww, dat grot want sum skates! Himb is a good boy!

-Edward WinterRose actually enjoys the holiday season as long as he stays away from an actual television set or radio in November or December. And is a 2-time survivor of Whamageddon so far. He actually does wish you some happy holidays despite his Grinchy demeanor.