Daughter of Khaine Melusai Blood Stalkers

  The Daughters of Khaine are the Melusai Blood Stalkers you want on the board, either in Warcry, or just staight up Warhammer gaming in general. Armed with Heartseeker Bows, this Gorgon-esque sisterhood of slitherin’ (Not Slytherin.) would seem to be ideal for sniping your opponents from a distance. Ever ready to slice the soul’s energy from the corpses of their fallen foes in trubute to Morathi, these are an addition you can rent right now.

  Slide (or slither) over to the rental page for these lovely ladies and put them on your table for 15.00 a month. You can rent to own these fine warriors, or contact us at [email protected] if you want to buy them outright.