There are lots of ways to join WMG!

Our memberships have different benefits. Benefits can include discounts on our webstore items, access to premium videos, discounts on commissions, private Skype video lessons, and more!

Monthly Commission Subscription –  “The Collector” is a recurring commission service built for hobbyists that want to balance their spending budget for hobbying each month.  This is an alternative solution to our traditional commission service.

Video Membership – WMG produces premium content service, which new videos coming out each week.  This includes tutorials and demonstrations, battle reports, as well as our ‘Since You Asked’ series, where we respond directly to viewers.

Podbean White Metal Games produces a bi-monthly hobby centered podcast for miniature enthusiast called Warcouncil!  You can listen, donate, or even become a sponsor on the show via Podbean!

Patreon – WMG offers a variety of support tiers on Patreon.  Rewards include discount codes in our webstore, rental vouchers, and one on one mentorship!

Twitch WMG is very active on Twitch, producing live content every weekday!  There are options to subscribe at different levels or just give us some bits!  Just by watching you earn WMG Ore, which can be redeemed for prizes each month!

TIPS WELCOME – Any proceeds  go directly to improving our overall service, including better equipment, more giveaways and more . . . .well, everything!