Welcome to Extras!  The section for pricing on everything other than assembly and painting.  Here you’ll find price summaries for things like display boards, narrative and scenic basing, magnetization, and much more!

Spare Bits

Most kits these days come with spare bits.  Many kits allow for more than one build and as such there are leftover options after assembly.  Good examples of this include magic items, pistols and ammo belts, weapons, or the like.  We use these extensively in our transfiguration work; in fact you might say they’re essential.  Unused extras are rarely returned to clients.  Instead, these are added to our bits inventory.  In this way, all clients benefit from the spares left behind from other client’s projects, and vice versa.  Thus the entire community of our clients benefits from each other, and no bit is left behind.

Some of these excess bits are sold off the sprue on the second hand market or through our online store.  The sale of these bits allows us to keep our overhead costs reasonable, which in turn means we can provide products and services to our clients at a discounted rate.  We rarely part with valuable or rare bits, preferring to keep them for our clients.  But honestly, you get six Carnifex heads in a box and we only use one . . . we’re swimming in them!

Can’t decide . . . Magnetize!

Considering all the options that most kits come with, it’s no surprise that you can’t decide which options you want on your particular model.  Should you take a ray gun, flame thrower, or a chainsaw?  Each could be valuable depending on your opponent or the scenario you are facing.  Why not take all three?

Warning About Magnets

Rare Earth magnets are very powerful and could be dangerous if not handled with proper care.

If swallowed, any type of magnet can cause serious injury or death.

Keep away from children and pets.

See here for a list of warnings.

We use shaved iron fillings to fill in a socket joint on your figure, before attaching a small magnet to the end of each option you want magnetized.  The beauty of the iron filling is that it removes the issues involved with polarity.  In some cases where the bits to be magnetized are particularly heavy or long we will use magnets in the socket joints as well.

There is a small charge of $1 per magnet applied.  For example, if you have an Imperial Captain holding a laspistol, but you would also like for him to be able to hold a chainsword, it would cost $3 to have all three options magnetized ($1 for his hand/the host point, and $1 for each of 2 weapons options).  If you had a four armed monster and you wanted him to have different weapons per joint, that would be $3 (four sockets and eight weapons at $1 each)

For most vehicles, we charge a flat fee of $5 per configuration.  For example, if you have a Space Marine Predator that you want to be able to transfigure into a basic rhino, it could cost you $5.  This also includes detachable options such as missiles.

For large vehicles, like Landraider, the charge goes up to $10 each configuration. Part of the price increase is due to the increased sized of magnets for larger, heavier bits.

For very large vehicles, like Baneblades or other super heavies it’s $20 per configuration.  For example, a ‘HEXBLADE’ (a baneblade made to configure into 6 different variants of tank) would run you $120.  Less than the cost of a new tank to have every option available.

The magnetization option is usually only available for plastic or resin models.  For pewter figures, please contact us with details.

Display Boards

Whether you are a tournament player looking to get that added edge at the judge’s table, a convention goer (Have army, will travel), or just a proud general who wants a nice place to display your figures; display boards are a commodity.  Displays boards vary, but are usually $100 for a 2’x2′, $150 for a 2’x3′, and $200 for a 3’x3′ display board.

Shipping not included in base price.  This price DOES include painting to a “Officers Club” level standard.

These prices include one terrain feature per $50 in the price, selected from the following list (this is by no means a comprehensive list.  We fully expect requests for display boards with pyramids and temples, siege equipment, castles, mine shafts, graveyards and the like, but this gives a general indicator of what a particular display board may cost a client):

  • Small hills, scattered brush or trees, scattered ruins or a single small building (think hut, shack, or shed sized, about 6”x6” footprint), fortress wall, fortress tower (counts as two choices), hedges, barricades, tank traps, bunkers, ditches, streams, ponds, razor wire, etc.
  • Medium building (about 12″x12” footprint or equivalent terrain feature, counts as two choices: price of building or terrain not to exceed $25.00 retail)
  • Large Building (about 18″x18” footprint, counts as three features: price of building or terrain not to exceed $50 retail)

Flying Figures

Not content to simply walk, many creatures fly, hover, or glide across the battlefield.  But not all of these models come with wings,and those that do don’t always look like they’re flying at all when standing upright on a base.  Why not suspend them above the base to look as though they are in flight?  For clients that want flying bases for their figures, or flying creatures, we provide the following options:

  • Flying Bases: Small flying bases (25mm) are $1 each.  Large flying bases (60mm) are $2 each, and large flying bases with stand (90x120mm ovals) are $10 each. Please note that since these flying stands are not designed to attach to most figures (other than certain vehicles such as Valkyries, Stormravens, and the like), and these are almost exclusively in high demand, there may be an additional charge to acquire the proper connection socket or to affix the stem to a non-vehicle, especially if done with magnets.
  • Rods: Brass rods of varying sizes are often used to suspend models above a flying base when greater height is desired  In general, a base with a rod costs $3, which includes the cost of base weights as needed (with added height comes added stability issues, and thus weights are sometimes called for). Rod width will be determined at the time of mounting to provide the most stable platform without taking away from the overall aesthetic of the figure itself.
  • Doweling: Some figures are just too big or heavy for rods and something more substantial must be used.  In these cases, wooden dowels are the next best option.  Doweling is $4 per base.
  • Wings: For models requiring wings that do not come as a part of their standard kit, wings are acquired from a variety of sources; including miniature retailers such as Reaper or Games Workshop and wings acquired from existing model ranges such as McFarlane Dragons, Heroscape, or the like (price includes acquiring suitable wings, as well as attaching the wings, including smoothing over any gaps and blending the wings seamlessly into the model).  Wings may be plastic, resin, or pewter, and can be leathery and scaled, (dragon or bat like), mechanical, or or feathered at client request. Cost includes pinning the wings, and filling any gaps with epoxy to smooth over the transition and make it appear natural.
Model Type Base Size Cost Examples
Infantry 20-25mm $10.00 Winged Chaos Lords
Cavalry 25x50mm $15.00 Hell steeds
Monstrous Infantry 30-40mm $15.00 Tyranid Shrikes
Monsters 50mm $20.00 Griffon
Monstrous Creatures* 60mm $40.00 Tyranid Harpy

*Plastic Dragon or Balrog Wings from the GW site can be substituted for $30 instead of $40.

Kit-Bash Allowance

Maybe you don’t have a specific transfiguration in mind, but you know you want your models to stand out.  Kit-bashing is a catch all term for mixing up parts from different but similar kits with the goal being to differentiate your models on the tabletop.  Due to the way some bits fit (or don’t fit) together this might include re-positioning limbs or the stances of figures, and includes sculpting to cover gaps, etc.

Ideally a client will set aside an allowance for kit-bashing; the higher the allowance, the more creatively we can glorify your figures.  Good examples of this include mounts with alternate riders (and vise versa), specialist options / weapons, heroes with cloak swaps, helmet swaps, or scratch built / prototype weapons, etc, or swapping a hero type for a premium resin or finecast alternative.

The recommended transfiguration allowance is 5-10% of the value of your overall project (so, for example, $50-100 for a $1,000 project).  This allows us to purchase extra kits/models/figures/bases and the like to ensure your figures stand out.  Ideal for themed forces that require extensive transfiguration work!  Clients can contribute as little or as much as they like to this allowance.  Just remember, the more you give us to work with, the more you get on the tabletop!

Weathering, Effects, and Embellishments

This category includes the dirt, the dust, the blood, the lights, and the stains!  They are the mud on a soldiers boot, the blood on his sword and shield, and the glow of his plasma carbine.  They are the little details that make a figure come alive!.

These include:

  • Effects examples:  Object source lighting (OSL), lightning / currency ‘sparks
  • Embellishments:  Gore, water effects/snow, slime, ice cicles, fallen weapons, skulls, etc.
  • Weather:  dirt / grime on boots/treads/tires, cracked/chipped armour or plating, rust, stains, patina, tarnish, verdigris

Normally a few embellishments / effects are free.  For example, you could request dirt on all your soldiers boots, or blood on all their armour, or a patina or tarnish effect, or glowing guns for your Necron warriors, etc.

However, as these effects get more complicated or more plentiful, we begin to charge for them.  For example, if you asked for Necron warriors with blood stained armour, glowing Gauss weapons, glowing eyes, mud on their feet and rust on their weapons . . .  we’d ask you to either limit your requests or to increase your budget by a small cost per figure (usually a few dollars per figure).  Ask us for details.


Basing is the final touch on your models before being varnished for protection.  Much like kit-bashing, bases are yet another opportunity to have your models stand out.  Bases are highly customizable and provide an empty canvas which can say as much about the model as the model itself.

We offer several options in regards to basework, summarized below:

  • Edging: Most bases are beveled.  Unless otherwise requested, these beveled edges are always painted black.  This can be changed at no extra charge to any solid, opaque color.  Just let us know.
  • Detritus Base: Detritus is a catch all for ‘something to make the base stand out’.  Good examples of this include a small bit affixed to the base; such as a skull, helmet, discarded weapon, or the like.  Detritus can be added at a cost of 25 cents / base.
  • Standard Bases: Natural Earth (sand/grit blend with green flocking), Urban (as natural earth, but gray-scale and no flocking) or Snow (as natural earth, but white with snow flocking).  Standard bases are included with all commissions and the details of the painting are dependent upon the level of painting (see our Painting section for details).
  • Natural Bases:  We use natural materials, such as cork, bark, or slate to give the base elevation, contour, and depth.  Usually this is painted in a natural color such as black, brown, redish (sandstone, Marsian soil), or grey (slate/ice/rocky terrain).  This is
  • Themed / Scenic Bases: Battlefield, Aquatic, Toxic, Industrial, Swamp, Tundra, Savannah, Arctic, Caverns, Plains, Badlands, Rocky (slating), Laboratory, Space Ship, Temple, or just about anything other setting you can think of. + $1/base.  Please note these are NOT resin bases.
  • Narrative Bases: These are a form of themed base; sort of mini dioramas.  A good example of this might be a Hero standing atop a fallen foe, or dealing a telling blow to their enemy.  Often the base includes extra models, bits of scenery, OSL, effects, or the like.  Prices varies, contact us for details.
  • Puzzle Bases: These are themed bases, but when presented as a unit the bases fit together to reveal a larger pattern.  For example, a unit of cavalry horses may be assembled to look as though they are all leaping over the same ditch or row of hedges, or a bunch of undead zombies rising from a graveyard movement tray, or perhaps a unit is standing on tiled mosaic floor, which when arranged reveals a particular pattern.  Usually puzzle bases are +$2/base, but price varies depending on the extensive nature of the puzzle required.  Contact us for details.
  • Resin Bases: By request, price varies.  There are hundreds of manufacturers of resin bases.  Let us know if you are interested in having bases purchased for your figures.  We even manufacture some of our own bases!  Visit our store to see the range of resin bases we stock.


Many fantasy and historical wargames require troops be arranged on unit trays for the purpose of movement and combat.  Unless otherwise specified, trays are plastic, with 1/4” slopped edging, and tiled in 20mm sections.

WMG builds trays to order  Trays are $5, regardless of size.  There is an additional fee of $5 for any tray not on the following list:

Movement Tray Size Summary

Monstrous Infantry
Monsters / Large Models

5×1 5×1 3×1 3×1 3×1
5×2 5×2 3×2 4×1  
6×2 6×2 5×1    
8×2 7×2 6×1    

If you would like to have your models bases magnetized, then we affix a metal plate to the bottom of each figure for 50 cents a model and we magnetize the tray for free!