Kingdom Death


Kingdom Death, a Boutique Nightmare Horror game, has fast become a popular game for collectors both due to the increasing rarity of the game and prestige associated with owning it.

Understandably, painting rates for these unique figures are slightly higher than our regular painting rates, commensurate with the level of detail the figures display and frankly deserve.

The following rate sheets are specific to Kingdom Death and its subsequent expansions. Kingdom Death: Monster, the core release set, is presented first on the pricing sheet, below. For an explanation of our painting levels, click here.

Kingdom Death: Monster
ModelBase SizeAssemblySilver LevelElectrum LevelGold LevelPlatinum Level
Prologue Survivors (4)30 mm$55$110$140$220$440
Unarmored Survivors (4)30 mm$55$110$140$220$440
Rawhide Armor Survivors (4)30 mm$85$140$175$280$560
Leather Armor Survivors (4)30 mm$85$140$175$280$560
White Lion Armor Survivors (4)30 mm$85$140$175$280$560
Screaming Fur Armor Survivors (4)30 mm$85$140$175$280$560
Lantern Armor Survivors (4)30 mm$110$150$185$290$580
Phoenix Armor Survivors (4)30 mm$110$150$185$290$580
White Lion50 mm$30$80$120$160$200
The Butcher50 mm$40$80$120$160$200
Screaming Antelope50 mm$20$60$85$125$175
King's Man50 mm$20$80$120$160$200
The Hand50 mm$20$80$120$160$200
The Watcher50 mm$70$80$120$160$200
The Phoenix100 mm$120$200$325$450$675

Stand Alone Models and Subsequent Expansions
ModelBase SizeAssemblySilver LevelElectrum LevelGold LevelPlatinum Level
Worshiper of the Storm30 mm$20$80$120$160$200
Manhunter50 mm$20$80$120$160$200
Druid30 mm$50$80$120$160$200
Storm Knight30 mm$60$80$120$160$200
The Architect30 mm$20$80$120$160$200
Beyond the Wall30 mm$20$80$120$160$200
Satan Twins (2)30 mm$40
($20 each)
First Hero
(model not in production yet)
30 mm$20$80$120$160$200
Gold Smoke Knight50 mm$40$100$150200$300
Flower Knight50 mm$40$80$120$160$200
Slenderman50 mm$30$80$120$160$200
Nightmare Ram50 mm$40$80$120$160$200
Dung Beetle Knight50 mm$70$80$120$160$200
– Dung Ball50 mm$40$60$80$120$160
Lion Knight50 mm$30$120$160$240$300
– Coterie (3 models)30 mm$20$120$160$240$300
Lion God100 mm$80$160$240$320$400
FrogDog100 mm$80$80$120$160$200
Wet Nurse100 mm$80$120$160$240$300
– Attendants (3)30 mm$45$120$160$240$300
Screaming God
(model not in production yet)
100 mm$120$100$150$200$300
Lonely Tree and Fruit100 mm$100$200$325$450$675
– Lonely Lady30 mm$20$60$80$100$200
Gorm100 mm$50$100$150$200$300
– Pinup Regeneration Suit30 mm$20$80$120$160$200
Dragon King135 mm$80$200$300$400$500
– Dragon Tyrant50 mm$20$100$150$200$300
– Male and Female Dragon People30 mm$40
($20 each)
– Dragon Sacrifice30 mm$20$60$80$100$200
Spidicules135 mm$120$200$300$400$500
– Spiderlings (6)30 mm$60
(for 6)
– Entreating Man30 mm$20$60$80$120$160
Sunstalker135 mm$70$200$300$400$500
– Sunstalker Survivors (2)30 mm$40
($20 each)
– People of the Sun (2)30 mm$40
($20 each)
– Sunstalker Dancer30 mm$30$60$80$100$200
Green Knight Armor Expansion
(2 models)
30 mm$40
($20 each)
Intimacy Survivors
(2 models)
30 mm$40
($20 each)
White Speaker30 mm$10$60$80$100$200

Pinup Figures
ModelBase SizeAssemblySilver LevelElectrum LevelGold LevelPlatinum Level
Pinup Twilight Knight - Halloween30 mm$20$60$80$100$200
Pinup Weaponsmith30 mm$20$60$80$100$200
Pinup Order Knight30 mm$20$60$80$100$200