Display Boards Looking for a Forever Home Today!

So coming off the great time we had at NOVA, we've just gotten all the stuff we brought back into the store, and mostly back where it all normally goes. This said... some things... we don't have a home for exactly? You know how it is when you come back from a con. There's some swag you just don't have room for. And so it is with some of the display boards that came back with us. They're looking for a forever home with a gamer that wants to pair them up with some minis that give them some much-needed context.  We've even got links to EBay so you can see how much our 'rehoming' fees are for these little darlings.

Mountain Slope

Personality:  "Loves nature and the outdoors.  A bit steep, but worth the climb."
Nickname:  "Hilly"
Composition: Green Foam, Vinyl Putty, and our Natural Basing Products!
Size:  2x2 ft.

A set where you really want to play 'King of the Mountain' if you can.  Get up top.  Look out over the vista of all you survey.  Then rain down hell on those that would climb and push you off.  This one's got metal plates baked in for minis with magnetized bases to make sure they don't fall off themselves.  With plasticard siding and wood basing for stability.  There's even 5 magnetized trees to make it nice and woodsy.

Imperial City
Personality: "A little closed, but open. Loves a stage."
Nickname: "Karl Urban"
Composition: High Density Foam, Foamcore, Plasticrd, Vinyl Putty, Our Natural Basing Products!
Size: 2x2 ft.

If your setting's not out in the sticks, and who can blame you for that really, then this prime bit of real estate in Imperial City may be what you're looking for. As you can see from the Ruined Building pieces that come with it, it's ripe for some urban reclamation by right of conquest. You've a solid 1/8" MDF base for durability and a cleaner finish with Plasticard siding. Your Kill Team, Astartes, Warmachine, Infinity miniatures and the like will feel right at home. (Air conditioning unit non-functional.)

Personality: "A little dry? But totally magnetic."
Nickname: "Rocky"
Composition: High Density Foam, Vinyl Putty, Our Natural Basing Products!
Size: 2x2 ft

This fellow comes with four magnetized rock spire pieces, practical for changing around for your particular skirmish needs. Beneath the terrain itself, there are metal plates so you can attach the spires, or any miniature with a magnetized base to keep em snug until it's your move.

Personality:  "Glowing.  Earthy.  No stranger to technology."
Nickname:  "Crystal"
Composition:  Green Foam, Vinyl Putty, Our Resin Casts, Our Natural Basing Products!
Size:  16x12 in.

If you're looking to motor your way across the green lit wastes, this is the fellow for you.  Metal plates are baked in for those thoughtful players that have magnetized their minis for zero slippage.  It cries out for your Terminators, or Necron, or whatever gear and hydraulic collection of cogs and camshafts you care to field on it.  Resistance will of course be useless.  (Hey, that reference has green glowy bits too!)
Trench Display
Personality: "Deep. Stiff as a board, but doesn't mind a bit of handling."
Nickname: "Doug"
Composition: Serving Tray, Green Foam, Vinyl Putty, Resin Casts from Spellcrow, Our Natural Basing Products!
Size: 15x22 in. (1.3/4" to 3" in. deep)

If you're looking for a scene that's a little dug in, but has all the cozyness of a wood cabin (or trench) then you're going to want to form up in this little machine gun nest. A display board all in one piece with convenient carrying handles.  A perfect place from which to sortie out into no- um... creature's land.
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