Ta’unar Ancient – Diamond Level

Mark 986.M41
“Run”, the last words the Shas’ui told the young warrior who was fleeing into the dense jungle, the heavy pounding of the Blood Angels Foot steps not far behind him. But where was the question. He didn’t know much about the planet that he was on; their mission was to infiltrate and locate the enemy base then relay that information back to her Commander. Then would come a surgical strike of profound artillery, enough perhaps to win the day. FOR THE GREATER GOOD. But everything went South quickly. The Blood Angels were prepared for the pathfinder team, catching them off guard and slaughtering the entire team all except for Kor’e, now fleeing for her life in the jungle. To what could only be her inevitable doom.

Proximity Alert…..

User Entering Area……

Initialize Start up Sequence…….

Not to far form Kor’el an ancient Tau War machine stirred form its slumber, sensing an enemy threat and the presence of a potential pilot. Ancient gears began to turn; gears that had not turned for thousands of years. The roots of trees, bushes and the like had grown up around the titan and shifted as the ground beneath began to move.

Proximity Alert…..

Enemy Infantry Approaching…..

User Approaching……

Launch Sequence initialize….3……2…..1……Launch.

Kor’el was loosing ground to the enemy. She was only on foot and the Blood Angels in one of there Transports. She new that her time was up, all she could do now is accept her fate, and hope that the Etherals would forgive there failure. Then a sound like thunder and Kor’el found herself blasted backwards, a hundred feet from where she originally was. In front of her a thing of legend – Ta’unar KV139 had appeared before her, but from where she did not know. All she knew was that the Blood Angels that chased her where beneath the might war machine, dead, no longer chasing her. The Ta’unar turned toward Kor’el it held out its hand, in a low rumbling voice one word came….. “Friend”.